My Experience With Saving Foreclosure & Avoiding Home Foreclosure.


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Best part about is they help you understand step by step about all your options on how to avoid foreclosure, how to lower your mortgage principal, & how to get a fixed rate on your mortgage. Not once they backed off from helping me. has helped me avoid foreclosure, save lots of money on my mortgage principal. Thanks to I'm back on track.


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J. Leon - Boston

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Foreclosure News
An Overview of Foreclosure Fraud Settlement in 2012 and 2013
08 Jul 2013 12: 26 PM

With the collapse of the housing industry came an influx of alleged mortgage malpractice, especia...
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How to Negotiate Debt
08 Jul 2013 12: 20 PM

A lot of times people fall behind on their debt and if they have no chance of paying off the full...
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A Basic Overview of Bankruptcy Types
08 Jul 2013 12: 17 PM


The repaying of a person’s debt is their civic duty, regardle...
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Foreclosure Blog
Bank Of America Drowned Me In Debt
05/02/13 11:05:00 AM

My name is Abida. I live in Staten Island, NY. My house was sold in a foreclosure. I did everythi...
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Foreclosed On Without Bank Notice
05/02/13 10:39:48 AM

My name is Sandy. I live in Florida. My house was taken away in a foreclosure in the worst way po...
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How Bank Of America Screwed Me Out Of $18,000
05/02/13 10:33:37 AM

My name is James. I live in New Jersey. It's been a crazy nightmare working with Bank of America ...
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